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As an eCommerce company, funding your business is crucial for growth, but it can be challenging to find the right funding solution that works for you.

As an eCommerce company, funding your business is crucial for growth, but it can be challenging to find the right funding solution that works for you. Traditional bank debt or credit cards may not be the best fit for eCommerce companies, especially if you’re looking to manage cash flow and accelerate growth. Revenue-based financing, on the other hand, is a safer and more efficient way to finance your eCommerce business. Here’s why:

Flexible repayment schedules protect your cash flow

Revenue-based financing solutions are tailored to your working capital cycle, with repayment based on a percentage of your daily sales. This means that your funding provider will collect a percentage of your daily sales, making it less risky for your cash flow. Banks and credit card companies don’t care about your business’s success, and they expect to be paid the same amount every month, regardless of your sales. Revenue-based financing offers flexible remittance schedules that automatically scale as sales increase or decrease, reducing monthly cash flow bottlenecks.

No collateral or dilution required

Unlike traditional debt financing or equity financing, revenue-based financing doesn’t require you to give up collateral or dilute your ownership shares to receive access to capital. Banks might ask you to pledge real estate, inventory, or equipment, while equity financing can dilute your ownership to the point where you’re no longer in control. Revenue-based financing leaves you in full control of your company’s ownership and doesn’t require you to pledge assets to secure a cash advance.

Access to funds almost immediately

Revenue-based financing partners like Precise Finance can advance cash very quickly, providing you with funds within days. Applying for funding or line of credit from a bank or credit card can take weeks, and waiting for funds causes even more strain on your cash flow. Quick access to funds helps you make healthier, well-informed decisions, such as ordering inventory or promoting your brand to customers strategically before you fall behind on orders or become desperate to find new customers.

Funding based on potential for revenue, not current assets

Revenue-based financing providers evaluate companies based on their future revenue growth opportunities and what those companies are likely to do with an infusion of funding. eCommerce founders often face hefty challenges, and they need funding partners who will help them face those challenges and drive profits. Flexible access to greater amounts of capital is the key to unlocking success because it leads to faster revenue growth. With revenue-based financing, the funding you’re granted is all based on potential revenue, not just current assets, so you’re more likely to get the full amount you request when you apply.

Why Precise Finance is the ideal revenue-based financing solution for eCommerce

Precise Finance offers revenue-based financing that caters to the unique challenges of eCommerce businesses. With no collateral requirements, fast funding, and flexible repayment terms, Precise evaluates companies based on their potential for revenue growth. They provide a safe and efficient way of financing. Precise is a leader in revenue-based financing, accelerating eCommerce growth while protecting long-term interests.


For eCommerce companies looking for safe and flexible financing, revenue-based financing is an excellent choice. With tailored remittance schedules, lack of collateral requirements, fast access to funds, and focus on potential revenue, it’s an alternative to traditional debt financing. Precise offers the best revenue-based financing solution for eCommerce, with flexible and fast funding to help businesses accelerate growth and protect long-term interests. If you’re an eCommerce founder seeking reliable financing, look no further than Precise Finance.

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