Can Revenue Based Financing Help a Business Grow?

By Team Precise

As businesses evolve, they often need capital to support their growth initiatives. However, traditional financing options like equity funding may not be the right fit for every business, especially those that want to retain control or avoid dilution.

Building and growing a business is a dynamic process that requires constant adaptation to changing circumstances. As businesses evolve, they often need capital to support their growth initiatives. However, traditional financing options like equity funding may not be the right fit for every business, especially those that want to retain control or avoid dilution. That’s where revenue-based financing (RBF) comes in.

Revenue-based financing provides businesses with a financing solution that is based on their revenue streams, without requiring collateral or giving up equity. This makes it an attractive option for businesses that need funding to support their growth initiatives. With revenue-based financing, businesses can access capital quickly, with flexible terms and conditions that align with their revenue streams. Additionally, the use of revenue-based financing can help businesses build their credit score and improve their financial stability over time.

Here are six use cases for revenue based financing that can help your business grow:

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are essential for businesses to reach their target audience and drive sales. Revenue-based financing can provide businesses with the necessary funding to invest in marketing and advertising efforts. For example, a business can use revenue-based financing to launch a new marketing campaign, run digital ads, or sponsor an event. By investing in marketing and advertising, businesses can increase brand awareness, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales. This can help businesses grow and reach their revenue goals faster, as well as build a stronger brand presence in the market.

Retain Control and Avoid Dilution

For businesses that prefer to grow with minimal outside investment and maintain control, revenue based financing can provide a happy middle-ground. Unlike equity funding, revenue based financing enables founders to secure the funding needed to realize their growth goals without committing to a rapid acceleration of growth or giving up control. Precise’ revenue based financing is aligned with this type of business and allow founders to grow at their own pace and on their terms without the pressures and expectations that come with other funding sources.

Develop and Launch New Products

Diversification is critical for businesses to remain competitive, but investing in new product development can be expensive and risky. With revenue based financing, businesses can obtain a non-dilutive capital injection to fund new initiatives while keeping existing resources focused on the core business. Precise’ right-sized funding approach allows businesses to raise the right amount at the right time, rather than having investors set the terms based on their ideal ownership percentage or fund dynamics.

Expand into New Geographies or Customer Segments

Expanding into new markets or serving new customer segments is an excellent way for businesses to grow, but it requires upfront capital investment. Revenue based financing can cover the cost of this expansion and be used to open additional offices or hire key roles with specific sector experience. Unlike traditional financing options, revenue based financing does not require collateral or any personal guarantees, which can end up being significantly more expensive.

Bridge to Profitability or Exit

For businesses seeking to maximize their options for an exit or aiming for profitability, revenue-based financing is an attractive option. Unlike similar funding sources, revenue based financing does not require giving up control or equity in the company. By leveraging revenue based financing, businesses can extend their runway, allowing them to focus on creating more value along the way. This opens up more exit options for the company, including smaller exit events, while still allowing the business to reap the majority of the proceeds.

Invest in Business Growth and Expansion

In addition to the other use cases mentioned above, revenue-based financing can also provide businesses with the funding they need to invest in growth and expansion. This can include adding new products or services, expanding into new markets, or investing in marketing and sales initiatives to grow their customer base. With revenue based financing, businesses can secure the funding they need without sacrificing control or diluting their ownership.

Furthermore, revenue-based financing is often more flexible than other forms of capital funding, with repayments that ebb and flow with the company’s monthly revenue. This offers a level of downside protection to cover the time it takes to test, launch, and grow into a new market, rather than setting up an expectation of immediate returns.


Revenue Based finance offers a sane financing alternative that prioritizes positive impact over the bottom line. Whether you need to launch new products, expand into a new market, or simply ease the revenue volatility of your business, Revenue Based financing might a good match for you.

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