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We are Precise

We provide business owners with the capital they need to reach and exceed their growth goals and dreams

Why Precise?

Business owners need a way to finance growth, that has their interests at heart.

Precise was created to offer people who run a business  a sane alternative to traditional methods of raising  growth capital. A way that works at their pace and is aligned with their interests and goals. 

Where cost of capital is known in advance and doesn’t change, where repayment is flexible, and collateral is unnecessary.

The Precise way of financing relies on a deep understanding of business cashflow and the ability to accurately predict it for each individual business we finance. 

Making it possible for Precise to offer businesses up to $200,000 in growth capital at a fixed cost, while collecting repayment through a revenue share agreement and mechanism that “automagically” collects  only when funds are available.

We work with US based businesses, offering financing for a variety of businesses and services.

Funding for Businesses

Fast, fair and affordable working capital, for businesses with ongoing cashflow

Designed to fuel Growth

No fixed repayment schedule, collecting funds only when they are readily available

Built for scale and Efficiency

Built ground up to be able to provide funding fast with minimal friction

Working with leading banks & accounting providers

To offer fast integration and algorithmic underwriting, without the need for lengthy authorization procedures.


Additional accounting provider & bank integrations available.

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