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Precise vs. Revenue Based Financing

Transparent terms with flexible repayment

No collateral. No personal guarantees.

Receive up to $200K in flexible financing, return a portion of your daily income.

Qualifying businesses receive up to $200K in as little as 24 hours. 

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Qualifying businesses receive unparalleled terms
1 year in Business
Up to date
Accounting software
$50K – $500K
Monthly Revenue


A better way to finance growth

Grants access to sufficient working capital

No Collateral / Personal Guarantees

Fast Approval Time

As little as 24 hours


Flexible repayment based on incoming cashflow


No hidden or unexpected fees. All costs are known in advance


Altenrative Lenders


Credit Cards

How does Precise work?

Precise offers access to a portion of your future earnings today. 

Fast and secure underwriting

Precise quickly underwrites your business by connecting directly into your accounting solution.

No pitching, no meetings, no hassle.

Many additional accounting & bank integrations available

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Grow with Precise

Flexible financing – tailored for growing businesses.