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Grow now based on your future revenue

Receive up to $200K in flexible financing, tailored for growing businesses.

Return a portion of your daily income.

Qualifying businesses receive up to $200K in as little as 24 hours. 

Your vision. Your growth.

With our support. No additional collateral required.

Fast and secure underwriting

Precise quickly underwrites your business by connecting directly into your accounting solution.

No pitching, no meetings, no hassle.

Many additional accounting & bank integrations available

Dynamic sums based on expected income

Precise buys your future earnings at a small discount. Providing you with needed growth capital now.

Easy collection
& renewal

Precise collects its share of revenue dynamically from associated accounts as the revenue comes in, taking payment only when cash is available. 

Hassle free

Using a nearly fully automated process, our system verifies data from various sources and provides an offer.

Use cases

Is Precise right for your Business?

Even if your asset collateral is fully depleted, as long as you have cashflow coming in, you can secure financing, tailor made for your needs, with Precise.


If the industry your business works in makes traditional financing difficult to secure.


If your business is cashflow oriented and has little collateral as a result, Precise is a perfect solution


By relying on cashflow, Precise is able to offer financing even if your asset collateral is expended.

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Flexible financing – tailored for growing businesses.